The Talking Human Indian Coconut

Usually, when I decide to write on a particular subject, it is because of an incident or occurrence in my personal life. This blog is no different 🙂 I refuse to call my city Mumbai. To me, it will always be BOMBAY uttered the innocent, well-meaning Indian Coconut. Now in case you’re wondering and don’t know what a Talking Human Indian Coconut is, let me explain it to you. The definition of the Talking Indian Human Coconut is:

” An Indian Coconut is a person aspiring and trying very hard to be white but he/she/it is trapped in a brown body. FYI they don’t know about it. In fact, if pointed out, many of them simply refuse to acknowledge it. ”

Before I go ahead with my analysis, let me make some things very clear. Once upon a time during those days of my mental colonisation I was a talking human coconut myself (I feel I still have a long way to go. Decoconutisation is a constant process). I had a certain way of looking at my surroundings. I used to have a distinctively Anglicized/Western/Euro-Centric lense. My worldview was shaped by certain norms (which now I call myths) where I would derive certain conclusions based on certain views which I thought were universal. The epistemological categories that I used to apply in the past when it came to defining something as basic as my disbelief in certain religious claims of Hinduism was also based on Euro-Centric epistemological categories.

Now back to the main moot point. So this is what a friend/fellow human being/coconut no.1 used as a retort when I pointed out to him in a completely non-violent way about the usage of the word BOMBAY ” I think this approach to citing historic occurrence to justify present action is the reason why India is still plagued with caste, regional and religious divide. Who cares what was called what. For me, it’s Bombay for you Mumbai and for someone else bumbai. ”

Look at the line of thinking or in my view the complete lack of it. Because we refuse to call a city BOMBAY or because we want to call it Mumbai and object to the former we become a society plagued with caste, regional and religious divide. According to the Indian Coconut, the Ethnic Indian Identity is the source of all the conflict in India. The person then follows it up with the standard ” who cares what was called what ” jibe. You do care what it is called. Because you directly associated the calling of a city Mumbai to a whole plethora of social problems. As if when the same city was called BOMBAY these problems did not exist. When Mumbai was BOMBAY, everything was hunky dory. We were all living together holding our hands together singing Bryan Adams Songs. It is why and how a city gets called something that matters the most. It is the methodology and the thinking behind coming up with a name that matters.

That is why what we call ourselves matters a lot in my view. How we define ourselves as a society should matter to each and every Indian. Now onto to Coconut No. 2. This one says ” Bombay represents culture, a strong sense of inherited enterprise, the pivot of the freedom movement, liberal-mindedness, women’s security, business approach and an ability to deliver come what may, let’s not be monocultural now. ”

So only if the city is called BOMBAY does it represent all those things that the coconut no.2 mentioned???? How could a lowly Marathified Mumbai represent lofty values like culture, a strong sense of inherited enterprise, the pivot of the freedom movement, liberal mindedness, women’s security, business approach and an ability to deliver come what may. How dare I the lowlife desi associate these values with Indianness. After all like Coconut No.1 had mentioned all of India’s problems are because of its Indian identity. And what can one say about the allegation of hey dudeeeeeee let’s not be monocultural now. Obviously, Indians are not allowed to have their grand narrative. So what if the entire West has its grand narrative. So what if Britain just had Brexit which was based largely on cultural issues. They can have that privilege, but how dare these low life third world coolies even think of having such privileges. Don’t they know their place?

And this is where the crux of the problem with the Indian Coconut lies. The Indian coconut associates modernisation with westernisation. For the Indian Coconut, the Indian ethnic identity is something that needs to be eliminated. This is coupled with the Indian fair-skin complex which associates progress with the colour white. Otherwise which country on planet earth would sell a fairness cream? In the words of Rajiv Malhotra, I think it is time someone wrote a book on ” How the Desis are becoming White “. And “whiteness” is not just the colour of your skin. Whiteness is not just a racial connotation. Whiteness represents a set of values and world views. Once you start following those set of values is when you enter the cosy club of whiteness. It is like a power structure. And many Indians in the West and India have moulded themselves into a certain way to enter this club. These are the social climbers. The Indian Coconut suffers from Stockholm Syndrome. They sound like that battered wife who says so what he beat me, man; he gave me amazing food to eat with yummy dal. And do you know, the dal had tadka too. (I would like to clarify here that I have nothing against the current crop of Britishers or the Western world at large. I don’t hold any grudge against them for the behaviour of their ancestors towards my people. Also, my wife is a westerner.) 

Karl Marx had once said, ” England has to fulfil a double mission in India; one destructive, the other regenerating – the annihilation of the Asiatic society, and the laying of the material foundations of Western Society in Asia.” So if we look at the Indian Coconut can we safely assume that England was successful? There are some very important questions that need to be answered. Can there be a universal model of ” modernity ” without slipping into moral and cultural relativism? Can we have a homogeneous concept where what is considered ” modern ” can be defined for all races?

The origins of Modernity in the West stem from a critical analysis of their society which had inherently Judeo-Christian values. Can a model like that be copy-pasted on a Dharmic Indian society? We need to ask these questions to ourselves. Today in contemporary Indian society what is conceived to be modern or liberal and what is conceived to be conservative is being decoded on certain principles which have deep Western Judeo-Christian roots.

At a metaphysical level, a Dharmic society is very different from a Judeo-Christian society. In such a scenario don’t we need to redefine the categories of what constitutes to be modern or liberal? In fact, I would go one step further. Can we classify a Dharmic society into categories such as ” modern ” ” liberal “and ” conservative “? Another classic example is applying Freudian psychoanalytical tools on a Dharmic society. Are our intellectuals that lazy that we won’t even try to find categories which fit our socio cultural understanding?

Are classifications such as ” right wing ” & ” left wing ” or ” atheist ” & ” theist ” meaningful in a Dharmic society? We need to ask ourselves that if a Dharmic society is Karma centric why are classifications like ” atheist ” and ” theist ” even relevant? I am not trying to imply that we need to go back to the old Vedic times. What I am trying to say is we need to have more intellectual rigour and try to find our terminologies. Intellectual lethargy makes a society stagnant. I find it deeply disturbing when I see Indian youth being mentally conditioned in a way where they are convinced that Western values are universal, and they are the be all and end all of this world. The question is not whether Western values are good or bad. The question is that are we that lazy that we won’t even critically analyse something before we map it onto our socio-cultural ethos. 





The Tragedy of the Digital Dharmic Commons

We are all products of the digital age now. A significant chunk of our population is connecting to each other via Social Media. Social Media has truly democratised the discourse worldwide as it does not have any gatekeepers. In a way, we all are gatekeepers in the digital world. Every individual tries to connect and synergize with other like-minded folks around the world. If there is a single community/set of people that have benefitted from social media it has to be Hindus (aka Internet Hindus). For long, a large chunk of the Hindu community has felt that the mainstream media has stifled their voice. Digital mediums like Facebook and Twitter have given these Hindus the much-needed platform to express their opinions to a larger audience. But ironically it is this very unfettered freedom that has now subjected Social Media to what I call ” The Tragedy of the Digital Dharmic Commons. ”

Because of a complete lack of oversight and absolute democratisation we have every individual acting in their self-interest. It has created an utterly polluted digital atmosphere where all we have is noise. No one understands what is truly going on. The online discourse has diluted. Mediocrity is the new excellence. In sheer economic terms, this is what you call ” depletion of a shared resource by individuals, despite their understanding that depleting the common resource is contrary to the group’s long-term best interests,” i.e., the tragedy of the commons.

Just pause for a moment and give it a thought. Do this test on Facebook as well as Twitter. Write a series of informative tweets, for example, write about the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana and explain in a series of tweets how it is going to be a real game changer. Then the very next day write a tweet where you use extremely profane language and go after Narendra Modi/Arvind Kejriwal/Sonia Gandhi depending on your political affiliation. You will notice two things happening:

1. The tweet where you have used profane language against the politician will get an extremely high amount of Retweets/Likes while the series of tweets on the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana might hardly get noticed. You might get lucky if a few people do manage to Retweet/Like them.

2. If you try to convince others to tweet about the topics as mentioned above, you will get a huge number to will join in the tweet fest in abusing the politician but you will hardly get any person to come and talk about the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana.

Says a lot about the online audience. Especially the so-called Internet Hindus. This set of people spent a huge chunk of their lives abusing the mainstream media. Their constant complaint is that the mainstream media has a bias and does not support Hindu issues. They say that the media is extremely anti BJP i.e. their party of choice. But what do they do when they go online? Instead of talking about the achievements of their party of choice or raising issues that affect the Hindu society as a whole they indulge in a “Rant Marathon”.

We’ve become so used to consuming mediocrity. Nowadays you continually meet people who find very basic concepts hard to grasp. The scenario is same on Facebook as well. You’ll write a cheap political post attacking a political outfit & get numerous likes. But share a profound concept and there are no takers. The dilution of discourse in the online world is of ” epic proportions. ” The sillier the quality of your post, the higher will be your percentage of Shares/Likes.

It is a harsh fact and it is very sad indeed. The Digital Commons have personally ensured the dilution and depletion of this commonly shared resource in spite of knowing the consequences. Whenever the resource has been used effectively with a common goal and vision by the Digital Commons, it has yielded tremendous results. For e.g. The Lok Sabha elections of 2014. Everyone had a common goal and they all worked together towards that goal and achieved the desired results.

There are so many intelligent people in the Digital world who can teach a few things to other folks online. But that would become a reality if people got some spare time out of playing ” Mediocrity Mediocrity”. If all the Digital Dharmic Commons can do is abuse Sonia Gandhi & Arvind Kejriwal, then one needs to pity them. It shows their intellectual bankruptcy. Someone needs to tell them how mediocre they are. They are incapable of rising above individuals and discussing ideas. They cry about how the ” Centre ” in the Indian socio-political discourse is on the ” left “. But none of them want to work towards ” The Realignment of the Centre towards the Right “.

Everyone is this country knows what an aam aadmi should do other than the aam aadmi himself. Bit by bit different governments/judiciary/babus take our freedom away. The average Digital Dharmic Common fails to realise the extent to which the government/judiciary/babus interfere in their life. Well, think it is not real? How about these issues:
1. The courts tell Hindus how they should pray and who should get to pray. (
2. A government in Bihar says Hindus should not conduct Havans within certain hours of the day. (
3. A government in Delhi tells private taxi operators like Ola/Uber about how they should charge their customers. (

While all of this is happening a majority of the Digital Dharmic Commons are involved in cheap political mud slinging. Digital idiots will shout about useless rubbish. What is so special about Sonia Gandhi chor hai? Didn’t the digital masses know that by now? You think shouting Sonia Gandhi chor hai will win you another election? Or is it the easier way out? Because if you had to talk about issues that mattered you would have to do some hard work like reading books?

I understand it is tough to get a large set of scattered people to co-operate on an extremely open-ended platform. How can one avoid the Tragedy of the Digital Dharmic Commons is something we all need to ponder over. Yes, collective action is a very tough goal to achieve, you can also call it utopian. But how unreasonable is it to expect people to think beyond their selfish needs? How do we make the Digital Dharmic Commons realise the importance of collective lobbying on specific issues over useless multi-directional rants? How do we get them to realise what is at stake? These are the questions that we need to ponder as we go forward. Social Media is a great resource. It’s time that the Digital Dharmic commons realise that they have all the necessary tools that can help make the situation better and it is their inability to stand up for ideas they believe in that has led to the dilution and depletion of this great resource.

Third Wave Feminism & The Death of Marriage

If there is one word that brings a huge smile on the faces of urban English-speaking middle-class Indian women it is Feminism. The mere utterance of this word makes them feel elated and empowered. You will constantly hear young girls pronounce with great pride that they are Feminists. Now on the face of it, this seems to be a very laudable thing. After all, we live in the 21st century and any modern society should aspire for gender equality. In fact, I would go a step further and say that if a society wants to call itself modern & liberal one of the most important benchmarks would be the status of women in that society.

No sane person can deny the fact that if we look at the entire history of the human race, women have had a raw deal in differing proportions across cultures. And, it is this inequality that led to the rise of Feminism in the West during the 19th century. But we need to ask some very important questions within the context of feminism itself. Is there a universal brand of Feminism? If yes, what is it? If not, can Feminism be culture specific? If it is culture specific, why bother calling it Feminism in the 1st place? Can a person be committed to Gender equality and pro-women issues and not call oneself a feminist?

The way things are today, the entire dissemination of ideas, structures, labels etc all flow in a unidirectional mode i.e from the west to the east. In such a lopsided flow, all the laws in India have been formulated primarily on the assumptions that are drawn from the kind of problems faced by women in western societies. And this is where the problem lies. The West has gradually gone from 1st wave feminism to the latest man hating 3rd wave feminism. This has led to confusion among our own people. Let us now look at some of the laws in India which are completely in favour of women:

1. IPC Section 497: “Adultery.—Whoever has sexual intercourse with a person who is and whom he knows or has reason to believe to be the wife of another man, without the consent or connivance of that man, such sexual intercourse not amounting to the offence of rape, is guilty of the offence of adultery, and shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years, or with fine, or with both. In such case, the wife shall not be punishable as an abettor.”

So only the man is punished for adultery! Is our constitution saying women are incapable of adultery?

2. IPC Section 375 point 4: “Rape.—A man is said to commit “rape” who, except in the case hereinafter excepted, has sexual intercourse with a woman under circumstances falling under any of the six following de­scriptions:—
(Fourthly) —With her consent, when the man knows that he is not her husband and that her consent is given because she believes that he is another man to whom she is or believes herself to be law­fully married.”

So if a man has sexual intercourse with a woman while they are dating he can’t break up with the woman? And if he does he’s a rapist?

3. IPC Section 354A: ” Sexual harassment and punishment for sexual harassment
A. A man committing any of the following acts—
1. physical contact and advances involving unwelcome and explicit sexual overtures; or
2. a demand or request for sexual favours; or
3. showing pornography against the will of a woman; or
4. making sexually coloured remarks, shall be guilty of the offence of sexual harassment.
B. Any man who commits the offence specified in clause (i) or clause (ii) or clause (iii) of sub-section (1) shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both.
C. Any man who commits the offence specified in clause (iv) of sub-section (1) shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.”

The law looks fine on the face of it. But guess what, there is no such law for men. So the Indian legal system automatically assumes that men cannot be victims of sexual harassment. So much for gender equality!!!!!

4. Under Section 37 of The Special Marriage act, only women can claim permanent alimony and maintenance. Why such a lopsided law?

5. IPC 498A: “Whoever, being the husband or the relative of the husband of a woman, subjects such woman to cruelty shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to fine. The offence is Cognizable, non-compoundable and non-bailable.”

To understand 498A better please read Act 46 of 1983 ( ) This is one of the most draconian pieces of legislation in the history of the human race. Now on the face of it, this seems to be a very noble effort to protect women. But if there is one law in India that has been misused a lot it is this one. Under this law, once the complaint is filed the husband and his parents are immediately arrested without any preliminary investigation. To make matters worse this is a non-bailable offence. So it does not matter whether the complaint is true or false, you are presumed guilty until you prove that you are innocent.
A significantly large number of the cases filed under Sec 498A turn out to be false ( ) This law has become a tool to harass and blackmail innocent urban men and their parents. To understand these issues in detail please follow the work of Men’s Rights Activists like Deepika Bhardwaj.

And the crazy bandwagon is not going to stop here. Under constant pressure from Western Feminists, India is on the verge of finally formulating a marital rape law. As per the NHFS survey marital rapes faced by women are 8.5% ( But there are some very important questions which need to be addressed before this idea becomes a law. What will define marital rape? Is it going to be like Section 354A where it is automatically assumed that only women can be victims of such crimes? Also, do we need a separate law or marital rape just needs to be considered as a valid form of sexual assault? Are men and women supposed to sign affidavits of mutual consent before every single act of sexual intercourse post this law being passed?

How far are we willing to go when it comes to legal lunacy? Have we really identified the problem? Have we mixed up counselling and social messaging with making draconian laws? Is there sufficient data that proves that post these legislations women will be benefitted? Has Gender Equality become I Hate Men? Under this assault on common sense by 3rd wave feminism can the institution of marriage really survive? If you are an unmarried Indian man should you even bother getting married under such draconian laws? Is it even worth it!!!!

Just look at the divorce statistics in America and England. Some very interesting facts come out. More than 63% of divorces are initiated by women ( ) The story in India also is very similar if we were to look at this news report ( ). And what’s with feminists and this new thing of looking down upon women who are homemakers. If you hang around certain elite Indian circles you will constantly hear women insulting their fellow counterparts by lines like “ OMG I don’t know how you stay at home yaar, I would go mad”. First of all, a female that stays back at home and takes care of the house is not free. She has a lot of work to do. To even say something like this shows the complete lack of intelligence on the part of the person uttering these words.

And if you think stay at home dads are attractive you are in for a shock. There are a huge number of divorce cases filed by women in that subset too. In 6 to 12 months, the attraction of a stay at home dad wears off, and the same women look for the completely opposite option 🙂 So they go from the beta-male to the alpha-male 🙂

Does this mean we are biologically primed to like certain things? Take another example, Sweden has for long tried to have a gender neutral society. They have gone to the extent of discouraging toy manufacturers to make gender specific toys. They say it encourages a stereotype. But studies have shown that girls are biologically inclined to like barbie dolls and boys like monster trucks 🙂 That is how we are biologically made. A blog in psychology today has meticulously cited many different studies that point out very clearly that our toy preferences are linked to our biology. “Thus, work stemming from developmental psychology, comparative psychology, and endocrinology, using both non-clinical and clinical populations, and a wide assortment of dependent measures (e.g., eye gaze, digit ratio), points to an unassailable conclusion: the sex-specificity of toy preferences is shaped by sex-specific biological forces. This does not mean that parents do not reinforce these biological realities via various forms of socialisation. However, it does mean that to the extent that nurture matters, it typically takes place within boundaries set by nature. “ ( ). If you still have any doubts left please go and check out the Norwegian Gender Equality Paradox 🙂 ( )

3 rd wave Feminism is built on the premise of gender neutrality. It says we are all born with an empty slate and it is socialisation that makes us the way we are. How valid is that premise? How can we deny biology? Can’t we have different preferences as a species and still aim at equality? Why is a stay at home mum inferior to a working mum? Why do we have to import context specific western solutions on our society blindly? Who gets to decide these things? Why do feminists want to ape men? 1st they ape men, then they hate men 🙂

Yes, women have faced many problems in India. No one can deny that fact. But if we have an honest look at the methods applied we can safely conclude that the solution seems to be worse than the problem itself. What we need is a constant dialogue and discussion between the different sections of society. Hatred of men and draconian laws will never solve this problem. The only reason things have not gone out of proportion in India is that Indian women have shown great maturity and balance when it comes to handling these matters at a personal level.

The way things are shaping up we have to ask ourselves: is 3rd wave feminism making men, women and children happier? And is 3rd wave feminism making sure that the institution of marriage will be completely destroyed?

Left Liberals Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

As a Dharmic Skeptic, I have always been someone who has questioned the fundamentals of religions/ideologies/darshanas. As someone who believes in Freedom of Expression, I have always sided with everyone who has tried to push the boundaries set by society. I may not agree with their views on every occasion but, they have the right to share their views and that according to me is the real Dharmic way.

Recently, at a friends house, I found myself in the middle of a very interesting discussion with a bunch of left liberals. It was centred around religion and what value does it hold in our society at large. We started off by discussing the issue of Women being disallowed inside the Garbha Griha of some Hindu temples. The discussion was extremely enlightening where people had varying points of view. No one got angry, and by and large, they were very respectful of the other sides right to have an opposing point.

Seeing the quality of the discourse, I thought if we are in the business of discussing religions why don’t we also try to discuss the role Islam has had to play in the current devastation across the world. I started the conversation by asking the other members inside the room that do they think Islam is a religion of peace? If yes, why do they think so? Do they have any evidence to prove the same?

I ended my series of questions by clarifying my point of view where I explicitly stated that according to me Islam is not a religion of peace, and Islamic doctrine has a huge role to play in the devastation that has been caused throughout the world. I also clarified that it does not mean we say all Muslims are terrorists. We need to clearly distinguish between Islamic doctrine and Muslims as a race. I was of the view that like any other idea Islam should not be beyond the realm of criticism. But before I could substantiate my claims by providing any form of evidence I was bombarded by a barrage of pejoratives/labels where, some of the members started calling me communal, fascist etc.

What I had experienced was astonishing. The people surrounding me were not bothered by the fact that Islamic terrorism has caused so many problems globally. What they were bothered by was that how dare I share this fact with them. So according to them the act of sharing the information that ISIS has caused so many deaths around the world is more problematic than the act of ISIS committing those heinous crimes. This discomfort and inability of the Left Liberals to criticise Islam is what we call ” the soft bigotry of low expectations ”

Take another example, in a recently conducted debate at the Women in the world summit in New York we saw another shining example of the soft bigotry of low expectations. Ayaan Hirsi Ali started her speech by saying “I embrace Muslims but I reject Islamic law because it’s totalitarian, because it’s bigoted and especially bigoted against women,”. She then followed it up by the following quotes “When its law becomes the law of the land, you have a male guardian, child marriage…you will be disinherited and if you are raped it’s your fault, and you will get stoned to death. I reject Islamic law because it is inherently hostile to women.” She went on to say “We will not defeat and we will not eradicate these practices unless we talk about the principle, and the principle is enshrined in the Islamic law of sharia.”

But these comments obviously did not go down well with the queen of the Indian Regressive Left Barkha Dutt who was moderating the debate. She retorted back by saying “Isn’t religion inherently misogynistic? To me coming from a so-called third world country, I find it shocking that America debates abortion.” What does this say about the mindset of Left Liberals? Basically,  Liberals are willing to give Muslims a get out of jail card for free when it comes to certain standard behavioural attitudes which they would otherwise find extremely condemnable.

Don’t believe me yet? Just think about it. How many times have you seen Left Liberals complaining about the Friday roadside prayers conducted by Muslims in different parts of India? But you will see them shouting and screaming about Hindu festivals creating traffic jams and causing discomfort to the average citizen. When it comes to Islam, Liberals conflate ideology with individuals. A genuine criticism of Islam suddenly becomes an assault on all the Muslims worldwide.

This is because the Left Liberals views the world through the lenses of victimhood and oppression. It is these lenses that stop them from discussing the issue of Islamic Terrorism. Yes, there are good Muslims. But what has that got to do with a genuine discussion about the doctrine of Islam? If we can have an honest discussion about Hindutva, why can’t we have the same in the case of Islam? Are Left Liberals saying that if someone criticises Hindutva it means they hate all Hindutvavadis?

The discomfort and hesitation to criticise the doctrine of Islam come from this grossly inaccurate and improper belief in the mind of the Left Liberal which paints all Muslims as victims of Hindu oppression. It is because of rubbish like this that any act of terrorism committed by ISIS and any doctrinal belief held in the Quran is not subjected to the level of scrutiny it deserves. It all ends up with the same old line i.e Islam is a religion of peace! ISIS has nothing to do with the doctrine of Islam.

Oh yes Islam is absolutely pure, all the murders of the atheist bloggers in Bangladesh, female genital mutilations carried out in Muslim nations, fatwas against kafirs, the murder of the Charlie Hebdo journalists, suicide bombings in different parts of the world, the fact that women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, the fact that in Sharia a female’s testimony is worth half of that of a male, the lashing of Raif Badawi and the unending bullying of all other faiths is all because of Hindu Fascism. Cultural and Moral relativism is rubbish. Some religions are less violent than others. Don’t believe me, please go and check the entire summary of the Quran here

If we were to say Indic philosophies are better than Islam in many aspects we would become a fascist. If someone was to demand a Uniform Civil Code in India he has committed blasphemy. How dare he expect similar standards from other religions? This is the soft bigotry of low expectations. This thought that somehow some religions are allowed to be morally mediocre and others are expected to bear the brunt of their mediocrity is extremely nauseating. Religious tolerance does not mean we accept bad behaviour. Pluralism does not mean we start accepting bad ideas. How long are we going to let a huge subset of our country i.e Muslim women suffer under the pretext of ” we need to respect their values “. What is the point of such values that can’t treat all human beings equally?

Left Liberals will fight for equality of women in all other religions but Islam. They will go to the extent of blaming Hinduism for the rapes happening in India. But the moment one brings the word Islam in the discussing all hell breaks loose. It is about time someone starts to say it very openly and clearly that the teachings of Islam are incompatible with modern values. In fact, they go against everything that these Left Liberals stand for. But rather than outraging over these problems you see a deafening silence. Soft bigotry indeed!!!!!




The Left Liberal assault on Intellectual Diversity in India

A few days ago I saw a Facebook post on Babasaheb Ambedkar which spoke about how he hated Hinduism, and how the evil that is Hinduism needs to be eliminated completely from Indian Society. I normally don’t indulge in online debates, but this time, the temptation got the better of me and I tried to share a contrarian point of view with this individual. My comments led to a barrage of personal insults and abuses. It was obviously a very bad idea.

Forget this particular incident, but if we have a systematic look at the overall socio-political discourse in India, we will see a clear trend. From the mainstream media to the social science and humanities departments in universities, there is a trend in one single direction. All these streams of thought dissemination have largely been transformed into zones of extreme intolerance, where speech and expression are strictly controlled by Left Liberals, who push their own propaganda and the so-called progressive values upon impressionable young minds. Our youth has not been exposed to both sides of the debate.

Left liberals are stifling down speech and intellectual diversity in India. This is not some myth propagated by crazy right-wingers. Just think about it. Ask yourself the following questions. When was the last time you have heard some university/college inviting a speaker who will give a talk against the Aryan Invasion Theory? Have you ever seen a mainstream media outlet interviewing, or simply discussing the work of the likes of Sita Ram Goel, Ram Swarup, Rajiv Malhotra, Shrikant Talageri, Koenraad Elst etc? If it comes to showcasing a point of view in relation to Hinduism, have you ever seen a mainstream media outlet inviting a traditional scholar from that Darshana? When it comes to discussing our National Icons like Chatrapati Shivaji, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Babasaheb Ambedkar, Sardar Patel etc, have you ever seen a program where a balanced point of view is showcased? Has there been a program on national television which discussed the views of Swami Vivekananda, Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Babasaheb Ambedkar on Islam & Christianity? What is the real history of India? Was Ashoka really that great? Was Akbar the ruler of the single largest kingdom of India? Can there be an alternative view on Tipu Sultan? Can there be an alternative Idea of India?

The biggest problem with Left Liberals is their inability to handle Intellectual Diversity. The Leftists are reasonably comfortable with religious/ethnic/racial/gender diversity. Well not all of it, if given an option the Left in India would certainly like to eliminate all Brahmans from the face of the earth:-) But the moment someone gives a point of view that differs from the set of beliefs held by a Left Liberal it is game over. You will be attacked by a barrage of labels. Left Liberals suffer from a superiority complex. They are like those school bullies who don’t like to be questioned back. They have somehow convinced themselves cognitively that they hold superior values in comparison to everyone else. They are extremely intolerant towards ideas/individuals that challenge them and try to show them an alternative line of thought. Look at how the left has hijacked Babasaheb Ambedkar. They cannot allow another intellectual assessment of the great man.

The Left finds intellectual diversity very difficult to digest. It causes a lot of tension and anxiety to them. On the one hand, they claim to be open minded and accommodating but they find the idea of intellectual diversity very disturbing. The Left Liberal craves for people who look different, but cannot think differently.You cannot disagree with a Left Liberal. Most of the times the attitude is more along the lines of how dare you disagree with me!! This attitude has become a part of their DNA. It is a genetic disorder that is being passed on via verbal & academic indoctrination from one generation to another. In fact, if we have a close look at the modus operandi we will see that the left follows the model of Abrahamic religions where thought is supposed to be homogenized.

What is the sign of a dynamic and healthy society? If we ask any reasonable human being they’ll say a healthy society is a place where all individuals have freedom for personal and intellectual growth. There is an environment which enables its citizens to explore new ideas and philosophies that challenge their current set of beliefs. But is that the case in India?

What is the single most important factor in the development of your character? When a child is growing up, isn’t it the duty of the parent to expose that child to different sides of the argument? Intellectual diversity enhances creativity. It will help us to come to more refined and nuanced perspectives on individual issues. It can lead to better decision making. If you are an entrepreneur, an intellectually diverse environment can lead to a healthy thought provoking work environment which will encourage innovation and in turn improve the bottom line. An intellectually diverse environment will make people work harder cognitively which will lead to better outcomes.

Intellectual Diversity is the single most important factor for any society. Yes, it can cause some emotional stress. But just like any physical exercise, there is no gain without some pain. We need intellectual diversity. It is only by encouraging Intellectual Diversity that we can have a truly pluralistic society.

It’s all in the Name

The Haryana Government has recently announced its decision to rename Gurgaon as Gurugram. In the recently concluded “Global investors summit” at Gurgaon, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar gave an explanation in regards to this decision. Gurgaon’s name change is an outcome of a proposal by the municipal corporation in 2012. A committee was formed to address the issue and the resolution to change the name has been passed thrice. A member of the committee has been quoted in the Indian Express saying “Most of us feel the city should be renamed Gurugram to emphasize the fact that this is where Guru Dronacharya used to live. Not many people are aware of it and there is nothing wrong in renaming it,”

It did not take much time for The Unhappy and Angry Left Liberal Brigade to start criticizing this decision by the Haryana government. Someone called it “ A stupid decision which will take India back to prehistoric times “. Someone says “ Look at the roads in Gurgaon, why can’t this money be used to build infrastructure ? “.

But this criticism throws light on a much larger problem within our society. I have never come across another race like us. Every time we see such arguments presented against such name changes I can’t help but ask myself how much do we hate ourselves as a society. No one must hate themselves or their culture as much as The Unhappy and Angry Left Liberal Brigade. How can such a large group of people who hate their past ever be happy? Just think about it. Imagine what goes on inside the head of this particular set of human beings. They have completely convinced themselves that nothing from their Hindu past is worth any value. In fact, they want to make sure that every single memory or remnant of our Hindu past should be consciously removed / negated. And this aspect of hating everything Hindu is a typical Regressive Left Liberal trait. To understand this breed in detail you can read this

Also to the ones who keep ranting what’s in the name. It isn’t just a change of name. It is a change of mindset. It is about owning up to what is truly yours. It is about decolonization. That is why changing the name of Aurangzeb road was the right decision. We are not supposed to name roads after people who murdered us. And the ones who did name the road after Aurangzeb suffers from Stockholm Syndrome. They have fallen in love with the abuser. Our cities and towns should be named after our common cultural heroes. It is about messaging. It is about projecting oneself as something unique and different. You cannot be a world beater unless you’re comfortable with who you truly are. If you remove the Hindu past, do you realize that you really have nothing left other than murder and genocide accompanied by Chicken Tikka of the Mughals and Railways by the British?

Get inspired from your glorious Hindu past and make your present better. This does not mean you get stuck in past glory. This also does not mean that you don’t have any problems in Hindu society. But it is about a choice we make on how we want to live our lives. We can safely assume that The Unhappy and Angry Left Liberal Brigade choose to live a life full of sadness, depression, and a high-level inferiority complex. They need a savior and for them, that savior is the West. Ask yourself these questions. How is India supposed to project itself at the international arena ? If you are a marketing person do you go to a customer and tell him that he should buy your product because it is a piece of crap ? What will be our tourism catch line ? I guess it will be “ Welcome to India, we are a nation which has no past glory, we have been invaded by many great men in the past who saved us. Please join the list of those glorious folks “.

Yes, we can go on aping foreign cultures and all we’ll be at best is a decent imitation. Dear English speaking Indians, you’ll never be more American than an American. At best you’ll be a good poser / wannabe. As someone who is born and raised in Mumbai, I have seen a trend. In the last 15 years, I have seen a healthy rise in buildings with western names. You have buildings in Mumbai with European Names. As if by giving the building a European Name we’ll make that building like Europe:-) To the ones who are ranting “ because roads are in XYZ state a name change to Gurugram means nothing “ should ponder over the point mentioned above too.

Also are the issues of changing a city name and the quality of roads even connected ? Are these things even in the same domain? What some Indians are saying is that we should not have any name change until we fix XYZ problems. Is that even logical? If that is the stand then the government should not undertake any space project until it has successfully removed all poverty from India. Dear morons, life is not about strict yes or no choices.

Yes, there are many things we can learn from the West. See how they go around selling the concept of “the superiority of Western values” like this video Read about American Exceptionalism. Heck, they used that concept to justify invasions of other nations:-) But this does not mean that the entire West is evil. The west has many good things to offer from which we can learn a lot. As someone who has lived in the West and is also married to a westerner, I can personally vouch for that. But that does not mean we obliterate our past to get the benefits from another society. We need to understand that being Modern is not equal to being Western. Modernity can easily be blended with Indian Hindu values.

My dear fellow Indians, yes there are genuine problems in our society. But it does not mean we start hating our past so much. Also, before outraging on any subject, try to pause and think about it. Ask yourself some questions like the ones that have been raised above. Do you think when the city was called Gurgaon the roads were becoming better / worse because it was called Gurgaon ? These are two separate domains. Roads are an infrastructure related issue and what we call our cities is a cultural issue. Every country needs to define its ethos. Every country has a grand narrative. And as Indians, we shouldn’t shy away from stating that India’s ethos is Hindu. That does not mean that there is no place for people of other denominations. In fact being a Hindu is about being accommodating and pluralistic. Also to the ones who will accuse me of imposing a Hindu Theocracy on India my reply is this Now let me end this blog with a hypothetical scenario. Hey Left Liberals, the government has renamed Gurugram back to Gurgaon. See how the roads are suddenly becoming better and the traffic is reducing:-) Also, I wonder what the outrage would be like if they would have named Gurgaon to KhudaBaksh Gaon:-)

The Unhappy and Angry Left Liberal Brigade

A few days ago I was at a Café with a friend of mine. As we were chatting we couldn’t help but overhear the conversation of the folks to our left. These people were constantly complaining about how horrible our society is and how we need to break free from these shackles. The tone would always go from how the “ Hindu Right “ in India is bigoted, to the only solution to all of this is complete “ revolution “. Now I want to clarify, I did not place them purposely to my left; it was just one of those things that happen sometimes:-). But what struck me about this entire conversation was the amount of hate and contempt these guys had for the prevailing state of affairs.

This takes us to the issue at large. Why are Left Liberals always Angry ? If you ask me personally, Left Liberals, especially the social justice warrior variety, are the most unpleasant people to be around. Not only are they themselves unhappy, they make sure that everyone else around them also stays unhappy. After all, they believe in equality:-). Now don’t get me wrong, I have friends on the Left, and they are very pleasing personalities. But if you look at the larger spread of the entire community you will find that some of the most unpleasant, vile, abusive and depressed folks are Left Liberals. Before getting angry and worked up just think about it. Look at the world of a Left Liberal. According to them, everything is wrong, everything is going downhill, the whole world is full of suffering and the Hindu Right is conspiring to destroy the secular fabric of India.

A major chunk of a Left Liberals life will go into identifying victims. Once they are done with playing “ Victim Victim “ they will then start inventing ways to get someone else to fix their problems. That someone else in most cases is the Government of India. Hence, don’t be surprised that Left Liberals love big government. They want the Government to interfere in all possible aspects of an average citizen’s life. They don’t believe in meritocracy. They fail to accept the simple fact of life that no one can help you overcome a problem other than yourself. The government at most can be a facilitator. This basic fact is very hard for a Left Liberal to digest.

A Left Liberals ideology is based upon hatred and divisiveness. Have you seen left liberal discussing positive ideas ? They will go on screaming ad nauseam that the Hindu Right hates the minorities, all Brahmins hate Dalits and each and every poor person should hate the rich. If you spend a day with a Left Liberal you will end up thinking that India must be the worst place to live on planet earth, Hinduism is the most barbaric religion and Hindus are horrible people who go around killing everybody.

A Left Liberals full-time job is to make sure that they discredit anyone who tries to question their methodology / ideas / suggestions. To understand this better, look at how they have treated Anupam Kher. Rather than debating the ideas and propositions presented by Anupam Kher, the Leftists have gone ahead and started calling him a “ communal actor “. Now no one knows what a communal actor is, in fact if you asked a Leftist to define it he would run away. But who cares about the details when the job is done.

The Left Liberal cannot handle any form of criticism. If anything it is the Left Liberal in India that epitomizes “ intolerance “. If you listen to them you will realize that they actually don’t even understand what tolerance means. Actual tolerance means that you have to come to terms with the reality that people will have different choices and views on a wide range of subjects. Secondly, people have the right to live as they choose to live. The Left Liberal view of tolerance is extremely fascistic. For them, only they have freedom of choice and every other group has to adhere to their norms 100 %. When the left accuses the Hindu Right of intolerance it has a lot of soul searching to do.

Now flip this around and ask yourself, do you feel like this when you hang around the so-called Hindu Right ? Have you noticed how happy they are ? Even if you have disagreements with the Hindu Right, which in the case of a skeptical Hindu like me are quite often, they don’t seem to turn into ugly confrontations. They will try to persuade you very politely when you question their beliefs. In many cases, they won’t even bother doing that. The discussion might end with a “ you are free to believe what you want to, but I disagree with you “. Yes, you will find the odd nut job here or there that will shout & scream and start asking for random bans. But by and large, the so-called Hindu Right is far more tolerant and accepting of alternative views than the average Left Liberal.

It might sound crazy to you but think about it. Is the “ Christian Right “ or the “ Muslim Right “ similar to the Hindu Right ? If you ask me personally the answer would be no they are not. The reason for this is that the Hindu Right is “ Hindu “. In the data compiled by the Office for National Statistics in the UK which studied the overall “ well-being “ among people of different faiths, Hindus were the happiest. They scored well above the national average of UK. The findings of this survey should not surprise anyone. Hindus tend to be the most accepting / adjusting / pluralistic people you might come across in your entire lifespan. That is because of the way Hinduism is structured. Hinduism has rarely considered any idea out of bounds. Hinduism does not have a concept of blasphemy or apostasy. Even atheism is considered a legitimate path in Hinduism. Hinduism is not structured in a rigid “ One God “ “ One Book “ “ One Prophet “ mold. India is not secular / pluralistic because of the stellar work by the political class or its constitution. It is simply because the larger ethos of India is based out of “ Hindu ideas “ which have ensured that India has remained sane by and large in spite of the stellar efforts of The Left Liberal Brigade.

All of us should remember one simple reality. As human beings, we are all in the pursuit of happiness. In that pursuit, we have to realize that if we don’t take personal responsibility for our actions we can never achieve that intended goal. But on the other hand, you want to be unhappy? Simply act like The Left Liberal Brigade and voila you will see instant results:-)